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The RDLC is the biggest and fastest-growing recruitment membership club. Our members are agile, on point, and gaining vast market share amidst insane change. A strong tribe, we share and hear great ideas that work, learn the shortcuts and get fast tracks to success. There’s no need to be an island when you’re surrounded by people you respect and admire.

At RDLC, we help ourselves by helping each other. We are a group of like-minded, passionate businesspeople who want to beat average performance where it counts: market share, client satisfaction and brand value.

As the founders of RDLC, we have experienced every scenario the markets could throw at us and we’ve come out on top, every time. We- and our fellow members- can help you to achieve your goals, through our supportive network of successful entrepreneurs.

How do you create the right proposition, environment and culture within your business? Which innovation and tools are giving businesses the greatest advantages? And what advancements give businesses an edge? These are the questions that prompted us to create the RDLC.

As Pirates, we think differently. We’re open and honest with high degrees of trust.