Copywriting For Recruiters

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Copywriting for Recruiters

Training & Development

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Copywriting for Recruiters

Training & Development

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How do you make your job postings, emails and Inmails stand out so that your target candidate audience wants to read them?

By knowing how to craft better job advertising that will help you reach more passive candidates, attract the right responses and filter-out more of the time-wasters.

Recruiter, Mitch Sullivan and Copywriter, Jackie Barrie will show you.

The training has been road-tested since 2015, and includes:

• Basic principles of marketing and advertising.

• Psychology that underpins good copywriting.

• Four-step formula for effective job ads.

You’ll be able to implement your new skills immediately and use them forever.

You’re a recruiter – agency or inhouse – and attracting candidates is a critical part of your job. To add to the pressure, your employer probably prides themselves on ‘doing recruitment properly’ or claims to be ‘different from the rest’.

You might have been writing job ads for ages but are now feeling stale and want to refresh your enthusiasm. Or you might be new to recruitment and want to start as you mean to go on.

Whatever your situation, selling your client’s and hiring manager’s job vacancies is probably the most critical aspect of any recruiter’s job.